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HR Processes & Systems

The world is changing, business is changing, people are changing, the speed of change is changing - all this requires a different approach to Innovation and creativity. The impact on managing people is dramatic and the leaders of companies,l not to say of the world need to take new directions. Digitalization is just one source of change, there are many more to consider ...  (HR Systeme und Tools)

HR Selection Support

Engagement levels and effective collaboration will determine results much more than technology, personal expertise or Business Processes. Our contribution is to predict and determine the impact of JobFit, behavioural change and improved performance management. This will decide how you hire, train and retain those employees becoming successors for key positions.  (Mehr)

Performance Coaching

Doing the right things right is: Mastering the challenges of tomorrow. Its not enough to state that leadership has to change, you would would have know exactly what to do and determine the direction of the change.  We help to develop new skills and compe-tencies needed to conquer new markets or solve difficult problems. We change open new perspectives and support the development into the future. (Coachings)

Talent Management and Jobspecific Suitability Assessments

my-Employee Talent Management Consulting

Talent Management:  Proud to have this Team

 A considerate and thorough HR Management is a must. Not hire & fire attitude could ever be the base for good talent management. More than ever management is required to have trust in the abilities, allow ambiguity and uncertainty and let employee make their own experience and at the same time guide and control the progress. Our retard-pill-LOGO symbolizes that things have some lead time to become sustainable.

It is a big balancing act that is now required! You may not accept this change blindly, but companies have to actively collect the infomation to be able to take these decisions. There is less routine, less room for faults, but also more opportunities that competitors might not be aware of. Today companies tend to collect more infomation on their desks or machines than on their employees, as if they were less important. This is definitely going to change!

"Competitiveness is
finally determined by superior people selection ONLY!"



Online Employment Testings for better HR Decisions

JThe more knowledge you acquire about the competencies and potentials of your employees, the easier it will be to predict and plan success - be it for your products , services or the whole company. We provide information and insights that will reduce your risk of hiring or promotion substantially and it will shorten the time to hire by about 80%. We are ready for your tests  unsere of our systematics and methods.


my-Employee Consultants:  Excellence and Professionalism

You need agile and flexible partners that adapt to your needs instead of re-defining the problem until it fits their scope of services? You are sick and tired of coaching & training that has no bottom line impact - Fine!  Get on the phone & give us a call.

Our Talent Management is  different, We don’t care about weaknesses, we scrutinize opportunities and we reflect on “impossible” ideas and migh even dismantle all routines that hinder success in the future, WE are not interested in personality types and colour schemes, but how  THIS PERSON can be successful IN THIS JOB. Nothing else matters. We do not like kingdoms or godlike people that expect obeisance and homage, we look for substance and true competencies. We all have a certain allergy for “it’s not done this way here”.

If you are looking for independent support: Its my-Employee Consultants.


my-Employee HR Consultants
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