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New Leadership is the Science for the QUESTION MARK.

It once was the Science of the EXCLAMATION MARK!

(Felix Wiesner  LinkedIn Pulse Artikel)

Proud of the accomplishments

Each day will bring new challenges and it needs better ideas, engagement and efforts to be better than the competition and reach personal and business goals. In the same time there is massive change induced by the digitalization and Industry 4.0. 

  • The world is changing
  • The business is changing
  • Needs are changing
  • The signposts for orientation, and other lighthouses change
  • ... how can anyone expect that he can remain unchanged?

Adapting to change is nothing that comes naturally esp not when comes along very fast or very massive. Then change creates resistance, uncertainty and people may loose their personal connection to the necessary progress. Our coaching will take off some of the pressure and it helps you to sort out you own options:

  • Seeing change as something natural and evolutionary
  • See progress on your own path to change
  • Accept that there are different views and ways and “being right or wrong is a poor concept”
  • Based on the actual strengths and accomplishments you will gain confidence in what you will contribute in a unique way.

There is a certain difference of being proud of something and being content with something. You can be proud, but you can still be huingry to achieve even more. That is the way you push the limits, which is needed every day.

Being aware of the true abilities and in view of the strength of yourself and your team your scope of action will increase and new offers can be made.  my-Employee coaching is based on appreciation and exploring strengths, now weaknesses!  Each Person a lot more things that he/she can’t do than that he can do, so it does not make sense to discuss weaknesses.

Coaching must be fun

Our coaching follows a certain method and we have a way of going through all necessary Coaching issues. We of course want to be proud that our coachees made it and we have every reason for this pride today. our integrated approach avoids more strain or longer working hours. Coachees tend to approach their tasks from a different angle and try new ways because top performers are using different approaches and follow different routines in any job anywhere in the world.

As our approach in Coaching is transparent in any aspect we do, it will not be confrontative at any stage; however, we need dedication and willingness to try out new things and be ready for change.

Lets have some fun together!



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