Radical Collaboration

A lot of energy and time is lost to prove that the one is right and the other wrong resulting a bit in a vanity fair. How to bring organizations engaged in contentious and also self destructive debate into the world of productive relationship?  We are helping manager to develop 5 essentaial skills to overcome defensiveness and build successful relationships.

Defensiveness is built on the fear that we might not be doing a good job. Although we do not fully understand the other person’s opinion we are inclined to give room to this fear.

  1. Intending collaboration - be curious of other peoples views
  2. Truthful intentions - what is it we really want? learning to see and express it.
  3. Self-Accountability - Learn to find many more choices you have for your decisions and be accountable for what you decide in the end.
  4. Self awareness and awareness of others. Develop respect and understanding for othere peoples needs regarding their significance, competence and good intentions.
  5. Solving Problems and negociate solutions applying the full scope of the above 4 competencies.

CREATIVE LEADERSHIP is a bussword created around 2008 and it keeps appearing every now and then. We believe that it is very well connected to the idea of seamless collaboration and find solutions together. For the management this means to even stronger build on team efforts and helping team members to find and combine new ideas. This is  actually making leadership a networking discipline when managers combine talents and support collaboration.

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Creative Leadership  & Radical Collaboration


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