Competency Training the Individual Way

Individual Approaches to Acquire Competencies

Competencies are sets and combinations of behaviors that are skillfully combined to cause a certain effect. Some of these skills reflect our natural behaviors, some have to be trained.  Sometimes the deficit is taking a certain perspective, sometimes it is the interaction with others, sometimes it is a certain skill that must be learned. However, we all know that seminars that do not provide the right challenge are boring and the effect is near zero. To overcome this problem and keep participants active and interested for each one in the group we provide

  • the exact FitGap Analysis
  • the benefit the learning effort will bring
  • additional team spirit and understanding
  • additional skills to solve conflict and influence the environment
  • more job satisfaction and probably better retention

We are able to describe the intermediate steps and check points that the candidate is getting better in applying the competence so we achieve sustainable results with individualized training.

Each company has its own glue that forms the essence of the team spirit and corporate Identity. We can pour that into competencies and make it something you can mulitply and train to make it an experience for the whole group.

  • leave us a message so we can start a discussion about making your competency model and set of corporate values measurable




Individualized Trainings
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