Better Employee Engagement

Managers have to earn the engagement of their employees !

Each day - for each task!

Team distribution of engagement factors

Performance of engaged employees is 15 x higher than average

We are able to identify the wants and needs employees haqve regarding their own jobs. Do they “only” want to earn money. Very often and especially in higher education levels this is not true. The concept of having influence, having room to decide and having choices, judging on situations and the interaction with co-workers, with customers or vendors has a much higher importance. If you disallow this, if you regulate too much, people get demotivated or even experience stress because they cannot achieve and do, what they really love to.
People who enjoy their job, if they love what they are doing, they are way more productive and creative to the benefit of their employer.

Mitarbeitererwartungen an Handlungsspielräume

This persons is rather interested in having choices

Better communication won’t affect this persons performance

Communication expectations

Success Counts - it is a result of matching expectations

Engagement is a two sided effort. It is a result of mutual benefits that keeps the interest level high.

  • The higher the interest to deliver good results, the higher the Engagement
    the higher the benefit the higher engagement
  • BENEFIT is a result of the wants and needs of a person; the more it overlaps with those of a company the higher the engagement
  • Engagement is not primarily linked to the salary. Salary is one of many other factors only. 
  • GALLUP Engagement surveys shows clearly that these very simple principles are not reflected in management routines. Employee engagement is not considered to be an important factor for performance, which is clearly a big mistake. 
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