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On-demand Employment Testing

We provide job specific employment testing. No color schemes, no generalization of simplification - Learn about the full individual, how this person will doing this job and ask your questions about it. Learn about the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and also Risks. You will get the full picture within one hour:

  1. JobFit Grades compared with the specific job (not job family)
  2. Check the individual procedures and competencies
  3. See unsolved issues and even injuries from earlier employments
  4. Fit with the team and Corporate Identity / Culture-Fit

We have identified 33 different clusters with hundreds of success factors that determine job success. Reference checks and standard interviews will not discover the full picture. We provide transparency for all this and you will have systematic data for your decisions. We will answer the following questions

  • What is the kind of situation that you candidate will be sensitive for?
  • How would he/she react?
  • What are the factors that he/she wants to be recognized for?
  • What are the preferred methods or tools used to achieve the goals set?

In Europe it is nearly impossible to find candidates that are ready to go on the job and would delivery the full benefit. It normally takes 2-3 years to bring them up to speed. But if it is so difficult, which ones to take then, who would be more suitable over others?

Increasing specialization, digitalization and demographic change are driving this. Hiring criteria today are rather checking for the development potentials, not for proven skills. We normally have more than 80 different criteria that have a critical impact on job success. Management positions may reach 100 or more items. Please check yourself for the reasons that people loose their job and the reasons why you hire people. In some cases you won’t even find overlaps because the are difficult to measure an foresee. But this is exactly what we are doing and why you should be contacting us today.

We help you to set up the criteria, train you to enter this into your system and systematically detect problems and conduct better debriefing for your candidates. Your hiring abilities and the hit rate will increase dramatically.

Improving hiring abilities is a measurable skill: You find better people, that have a higher output performance, create less problems in the workforce and stay for a longer time.  E.g. imagine a sales person with 20% more revenues staying for 10 instead of 5 years will give you  at least a 200% added value. Do your own maths!! (ROI of Online Assessments)

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