Performance Management

Restructuring Organizations without loosing High Performers

JobFit Employment Testing

Sound Information for better HR Decisions
Our Job-Specific Testing with ONE JobFit % indicating the future success in this position gives you a clear picture who you should be talking with. We deliver custo- mized Success Analysis for those who know that their personal first impression or perception can be faulty because candidates are trained. (Mehr)

Talent Pool Analytics

High Potentials can only be retained with a very professional approach that considers their own expectations and needs. The more you believe or suggest, the less you can trust your Talent Management. Get your analytics right and regain control of the future developments which is determined by better hiring and promotions only.    (Mehr)

Succession Planning

How to make succession planning something reliable? You have to invest into HR Develop- ment because there is no other way to have successors when you need them. However, this is something that needs to be embedded in the organization. Everybody is involved and HR is in the driver’s seat. It is a new discipline that impacts your P/L badly if not done properly.  (Mehr)

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