Employee retention programs

Performance Management: Making people successful = retain talents

Releasing Performance

Performance Management: Applying methods and acting in an encouraging way that releases energy and joy to achieve more.

Managers not being able to do exactly this will only harvest mediocre results (even if they still look good from an internal perspective). Managing performance is also setting the expectation level right and create WIN WIN situations.

  • Which factors increase the personal engagement of each team member?
  • Which other possible factors are you aware of?
  • What can you actually do to deal with them?
  • Have you ever asked your team member what they expect from their employer to help their own goals and targets?
  • How relevant is it to have a statistics about these factors?

Performance Management from a corporate perspective means that you provide an individual key for each manager to release performance and increase the team spirit. It is not a corporate duty to release performance, its a management / leadership competence. There is a very close relationship between the engagement level and performance and we can prove it in any company or department.

We can count on our analysis because it will unveil new opportunities and and along with it you will receive suggestions, how to unravel concerns and resistance. We are ready to for it.

Please not that engagement and bad leadership are the biggest issues in performance management and we can solve this without getting into the red zone where we are facing resistance from individuals.

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