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Succession Planning

Talent Management is a key activity to fill the succession pipeline with candidates  that are ready for their next move in the organization.  Each position needs its own development planning and has a special set of challenges successors must be prepared for. It is a two sided commitment and it has to be renewed quite often as future jobs are kind of moving targets.

Besides those regular performance reviews with peers and bosses we suggest to run online assessments, that provide better and very precise information with very little efforts. You have to be clear about these items:

  • Find ways to describe the behavior and decision making to master the challenge of the position. What to see, consider, how to react and act?
  • Do not underrate the impact of the environment and the communications customs - How important are they?
  • How much of this can you actually describe verbally?
  • How would you recognize that a successor is ready for the next level?

We have the methodology to provide sound answers and concepts for your succession planning. 


Maintenance issues- Changing job requirements

The requirement for key positions are are subject to change and even the positions may vanish or be merged with other functions. This of course is important information for your talents that are in the qualification process. They tend to be important investments and confronting them with surprises may result in loosing this investment all of a sudden.

  • Find ways to include their ideas and views in the planning process
  • Involve them in buidling the program and find a routine for getting their input at least once a quarter
  • establish a way to learn about new ideas and plans on the candidate side (e.g. family, new interest or hobby etc.) 
  • Find out about the engagement factors that drive involvement

We provide answers! We see it as our duty to make your options accessible and provide input for succession planning: Data, timing, development programs, coaching, maintenance of Competency models,  ...

Get ready for professional succession planning.


Succession planning
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