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Harrison for job-specific suitability testing

HARRSION ASSESSMENTS is one of the most valid and reliabable  Online-Assessments to support important decisions. you can safely identify the majority of possible performance problems and design your interviewing these items. Harrison Assessments comes along with a consistency score that allows you to determine, how much trust you can place into this data. These are some of the main USP’s that we would like to prove in your organisation:

  1. transparent and linked to the desísion problem:
    We help you to make your decisions and shoe clearly what you can count on, areas of uncertainty and possible risks. What we do not tell you is: What you have to do next.
  2. support for all specification and statements:
    Simple to read and highly instrumental for your own assessment and further qualification process. We do not distract your focus by showing things that do not belong there. 
  3. for each position
    The more interaction in the job, the better the predictive assessment from Harrison Assessments. Most common positions: Middle Management, Senior Management, Project Managers, Service
  4. economic results:
    20 Minutes for 185 reliable results ranked by importance. Thats what we call “validity” per minute.  You will hear often, that people cannot believe in how little time this sound analysis has been put together.
  5. Relevant: 
    The relationship between JobFit Score and actual result was stunning over all the years we work with the system. Also the acceptance level from the candidates’ side is nearly 100%.
  6. Clarity and non cryptic reporting:
    All our reports are well supported by a vast verbalizng system and we use layment’s terms to make ourselves understood. No cryptic numbers, now hindsight, no exaggerated expertness. We answer your questions.

We  have invented HARRISON in Germany in   2004 
We are Harrison Online Assessments Germany Managing Partners



The most important applications of Harrison Assessments for Businesses and Corporations

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