Job Specific Differentiation of Criteria

Success is determined by a very specific set of behaviors, decision and prioritization rules, that form the interaction between work groups and individuals.

The majority of decisions and regulations, even with a considerable impact are made without too much consideration, almost in autopilot mode. They can be absolutely right but also dead wrong, if the decision maker has a faulty picture or goal, or the information is incomplete or outdated.

It is absolutely critical, that new employees are introduces and share the views,  ways to react, values, interest and other preferences of the ideal jobholder. We would be able to measure this and give your candidates a feedback on this. 

Only 4-6% of all failures of  work relationships can be attributed to lacking skills, 95% of them strand on missing interpersonal or soft skills. We would be able to eliminate most of these fails.

Ranking and Scoring Traits for Job Descriptions

We have more than 6500 Job Requirement Profiles ready for your further specification. This means we are starting from a very high level of pre-configured, ready to run Job requirements. They normally need just minimal adaption to consider your own decision making and managerial procedures.

Customization of these so called JSF (Job Success Formulas) follows Critical Incident. Behavior and Competencies of higher importance are ranked higher and gain more importance for the determination of the candidates’ Job Fit. This is a very natural way of doing it although not really state of the art in other tools. Also, we only consider traits and behaviors, that actually impact success, and we leave out the others. 

All this can be done very fast, provided we have sound research or interview information. Any additional information will add to the certainty that the Job Profile is correct and can be used for decision making.


Measure Job Success Criteria to decide Job Fit

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