Recruiting and Selection with  Online  Assessment Systems

(Online) Assessments

Online Assessments provide fast and better insights and can help to assess JobFit, predict success and fit with the supervisor. However, you should have  specific requirements and have the ability to match the candidates’ profile against them. We provide JOB SPECIFIC employ- ment testing that predict success and scale the efforts for further development.   (More)

Skaled Assessment Criteria

Behaviors and competencies make the difference between mediocre and excellent achievers. It is easy to observe that top performers reach their goals with ease and without feelings stressed. Others find it very difficult and have to work very hard. The difference is the approach they take - it is a special composure that we can measure and multiply. (More)

Accepting the Challenge

Routine work is retracting. Digitalization is changing 80% of the jobs. There are new products and services every day and jobs are created that have never been done. While everybody knows that VUCA is a reality, there are only very few ideas around, how to deal with it. We have researched behavioral preferences that are more successful in finding solutions here. Let’s discuss ways to train agile  management competencies.

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