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Solving problems with ease

Contradicting other peoples views and holding your positions and believes strong against your opponent,  seemed to be the only strategy to enforce your ideas and make an impact. Many management seminars are built on it. However, how often does it really solve the problem? What is the true problem anyway?  It creates strong and personal conflicts but is is not productive or effective regarding getting rid of the problem.

Solving a problem is never the same as being totally right or wrong.

Faster and Better Solutions ad to Competitiveness

Everybody knows that there are situations, opinions that really upset our mind.  We tend to fight them because our whole body tells us that this is nonsense. And experience tells us, that the person on the other side probably feels exactly the same way. Letting things develop leads into conflict, a significant loss of time and probably not the best of all possible solutions. It is Loose Loose situation. However, Jim Tamm developed  a strategy and a set of competencies that can be learned and acquired to solve this and achieve faster and better WIN WIN situations.

Learning about Collaboration Competencies

We can re-assure you that there is a much better life, if you master your fears regarding other peoples opinions. You stop to be defensive about your own ideas and you  find strategies to handle other peoples views and insights.

We would like to invite you and your management team to join us on this journey.  Your will save a lot of time, energy and increase you ability to influence others.


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problem solving competence and Radical Collaboration.
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