Designing & Customizing Competency Models vs Copy/Paste

Your employees are the last characteristic item of your company that cannot be copied. Your employee determine the way customers view you and they are forming the uniqueness of your brand. This is your Company DNA - the glue that holds everything together.

It is the way people treat each other, the way they communicate, share success or solve problems, react to customers and so on. If this is something like the holy grail of your organization, it does not make sense to use something that was created elsewhere. And if this not more expensive, there is even less reason.

This what we would offer. 

20 small steps to build your own competency model

We will guide you through this process and it needs skillful and savvy managers to do it right. We promise that it wioll be also and emotional process that would create constructive conflicts and discussions, but in the end, you will have a sound base for developing existing and hiring new managers that can represent the core values of the company. It will also be part of annual review meetings and many other issues in HR management

Better than personality: Behavioral Preferences

What would it tell you if you knew that your apllicant is “RED” or a dominant person, if you have so many situations where your candidate must be open and reflective? Agility, Volatility and these new buzzwords would suggest that you take a different path, knowing also that there will be many new changes and challenges caused by digitalization and demographic change. Management principles of the 80ties and 90ties are legacy - we have the fresh and new ideas as bricks that will building you competency model within a month. 

Competency models would include important aspects like “compliance” or “resilience” that have taken us months to validate.  Start competency management from a higher level - start with my-employee HR Consulting.



Build your own Competency Models

building comptency models
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