DIN 33430  ISO 10667 - Working with Job Requirements


“If you haven’t defined what exactly you are looking for, you will be sure, that you actually found the right thing!” Simple Job description will not help you identify the full scope of requirements nor will org-charts or the description of the former job holder’s qualification. Technical development such as the digitalization is changing every job and the requirement needed. 

Fully educated experts are not available any more

You have to find people for tasks that have never been done, and you will get applications with qualifications you never heard, applicants with university-degrees you have never seen before. Selecting from these panel certainly is a challenge and the pressure to do it right is high. 

We have more than 6500 Job Requirement Profiles to chose from and these are valid and rewarding starting points to design your own set of requirements. We call the JOB SUCCESS FORMULAS because they would tell you and the job-holders how to become successful. You can use them for Recruiting but also for Development or Promotion.

Know-How to build your own Job Requirement Profiles:

1. There are 50-80 different criteria that will have to be ranked by importance.

    ca. 10 - 15 Hard Skill requirements used for the pre-selection
    ca. 35 - 50 behavioral aspects that form the ideal procedure
                      for mastering the challenges in the job  (Soft Skills)
    ca. 4 - 10  Values ore special Competencies that define the fit
                     with the company and work group

It is our expertise to make them measurable for your decision making.

2. Please use non-discriminating Online Assessments for assessing applicants / candidates. That means you take into consideration ONLY those criteria that have an impact on job success. This is not determined by type-casting but Critical success analysis regarding the tasks on hand.

We will support you in any phase of defining and ranking these job requirements and the set of Soft Skills needed. Please give us a call.


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Building Job Requirement Profiles  (Job Success Formulas)

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