Leadership-Assessments: Measuring Management Behaviors

leadership behavior and performance

Management / Leadership Assessments

Management or Leadership assessments are carried through to improve performance and accountability. As a consequence almost each participant will get his own set of toDos, how he can increase his impact on the organization’s success. Our coaching programs facilitates this as well.

We deliver these management / leadership assessments and provide a debrief for each participant.

1 Manager - many competencies

There are many facets that would describe successful managers. And of course they are different in each company. However, they are also a fingerprint of the Company DNA, so they should be about the same in every department. We are able to measure competency fit  exactly, so we can help you developing your own company’s leadership style and leadership development based on 10 - 30 competencies.

Create best practise and worst case szenario, will help you create a leadership style that creates employer branding as well as a good retention power.

Preferences influence behavior

Personality is just one small aspect to determine leadership behaviors. Why? Managers have to to be very sensitive to the environment have to use all their senses and abilities to judge and react to the challenges on hand. Management probably requires the broadest scope of reactions views and procedure models to cope with the challenges on hand. It is not one way (or personality) it is many.

We are able to measure and show these abilities and competences and help to see further options and possible development paths.

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