Creating Guidelines and orientation points during Onboarding

Strange and unfamiliar things create a reserved attitude and may even intimidate new employees. Nothing has a bigger impact on the future integration of new employees than the first two or three months in the job. If both sides knew about the expectations of the other, and the less uncertainty is in this period the better the ONBOARDING process and the better the engagement level later on.

Our Coaching of the onboarding is covering both sides and we are providing vital information for all parties involved. Expectations of the work Group, the managers, the new employees, Read more about it in our  HR-DOWNLOADS.

We will improve retention rates  and measurably reduce the risk of inappropriate placements. Instead you will have people with a better fit that stay for a longer period of time.

  • Improve Retention
  • Higher Engagement
  • Faster  Induction / Onboarding
  • improved Team integration
  • higher work satisfaction
  • higher performance

While the cost for one wrong hire or spoiled onboarding regularly exceed  the annual salary cost, the cost of the onboarding supervision regularly stay below one monthly salary. A very high and adequate ROI may safely be assumed.

Also a good and well monitored onboarding process contributes to  employer branding and attractiveness. Social networks make mistakes visible but also contribute a lot to you future hiring abilities. To organize onboarding support for your line managers can be very rewarding, especially in more technical areas.


Onboarding improves Engagement and lowers attrition rates

induction onboarding reduces fears
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