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Building Talent-Pools -Partner with your HiPo’s

One of the most important tasks of Managers is to find the right replacment for themselves. As this naturally can be quite a challnge, support must be lined up in terms of guidelines, methods and instruments. This is called succession planning or succession management. And b ecause you cannot expect to find the right successors on the employment market you have to breed them yourself. Find people who can become successors when the need arises, and keep them happy. Otherwise they will take shortcuts and sign-up elsewhere.

Talent Management and the competencies required:

    Your have the criteria and instruments ready to identify those rare  opportunities when you can acquire the right talent. Have the career path ready for discussion.
    The window of opportunity to hire real High Potentials often closes within hours. Is your company ready for these fast decisions?
    Claiming the success is the old way of getting visibility. Tomorrow it will be sharing out success. Let people do their thing and give them the appreciation they deserve,
    There is a certain absenteeism of solutions, because the development is so fast that you simply cannot know what is needed in three years. However, there are new skills and ablities that must be trained, such as servant leadership styles ... get ready...

Talents are those people who achieve certaing things easier than others. It is easier to learn, to adapt, solve conflicts, trigger reflection or innovation.  You might like the idea of providing Expert Careers that would be as valuable as those in Sales or Management. But how would you be able to raise the attractiveness of these development programs.  Lets discuss this - there are ways.


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