Criteria for Job Specific Succession Planning

Knowledge and Skills are still very important for succession planning, however, in a world of almost unlimited access to know how through Internet and databases it should not be overrated. It is easy to measure skills, but what is it worth in the context of future challenges that have never been mastered before? Thats where SOFT SKILL come into the picture and we provide the tools for making better placement decisions.

We will not present you the right candidates, but we will be able to tell you how to identify him/her.

Criteria for your general succession planning

Self improvement, readiness to walk the extra mile,  agility, flexibility, and openness for new ideas are general behavioral tendencies required from each potential successor. Without adequate tools they may be difficult to detect when employees are working in an environment that today demands very little of this. Since Managers are known for protecting their most effective team members, it may become challenging to talents into a development program. We help in a very effective way by supplying world class services and tools.

Managing the risks of succession planning

Not doing succession planning is a very common strategy to protect companies from  loosing people investments.

But this happens to be a threat when companies develop people and do not provide a perspective and no career opportunities in connection with development. So, our contribution would be to help building a development and career path management that retains your employees better the more training they get. We will be working on three areas

  • Identifying potential successors and define their development needs
  • building retention- and people management capabilities
  • creating effective career paths that are attractive to talents

We are the experts - lets run a workshop and collect the results.



Strategische Nachfolgeplanung / Succession Management

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