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HR will have the full attention and the importance will grow. HR will leave the sector of pure cash consumption and sector for cost saving and emerge to be the strategic partner for the Most Wanted: The leaders of tomorrow!

It is a big change and it also requires new concepts inside this department. That is where will be of help.

Job Descriptions

Job-Description and the requirement to succeed need to b e maintained so they can be helpful instruments for orientation and help. They have been improving , however, mostly they do lack any support regarding the needs in this jobs for tomorrow. As a result there is a high risk that your hiring is based on yesterdays information. Hiring nees a deep dive reflection on the needs of tomorrow in terms of technology, work environment, learning, diversity, etc.(Mehr)

Onboarding & Collaboration

Reflecting on our own ability to adapt to changes tends to fall short. We expect and demand because it is easier to change our own behaviors. This is also the case when we deal with new employees, however, we all know that we have hired them because of their fresh views and ideas. There is a strong need for a learning curve on both sides and our contribution is the facilitation of such “get togethers” in a very professional and effective way. We support the joy of experiencing a common success.   (Mehr)

Leadership and Competencies

Leadership is different in a dynamic environment. Success is achieved by different behaviors than in a more stable environment. A rather evolutionary develop- ment of leadership competencies cannot be expected to be successful. The most important change is that leadership needs to anticipate and remove obstacles that could show up in the future, whereas in the past, “corrective measurments” often were sufficient. Tomorrows Leaders have a different role. Lets discuss this together.

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