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HARRISON ASSESSMENTS predicts job-success and compliance with your corporate values and behavioral competency models. After many year of experience with norming and typecasting tests we discovered HARRISON Online Assessments putting an end to guesswork. In 2003 we brought HA to Europe extending the success story that had started in Asia, USA and Australia. We networked a network of very capable Consultants in many European countries and made HARRISON available in the most important European languages. Talent and People Management are our core business – please get in touch with us – and learn about benchmark HR-Performance. Who uses HA?


Compare your candidates based on transparent and scaled criteria that have been fixed in your custom Job Requirements, your JobSuccess Formulas.  Additionally we provide Reliability Score for eya<ch assessment. Dedicated and specific reports and Decision Support  is available for  JobInterviews , Selecting-In and Onboarding.  LINK to Product

You will be determining the application process and include Eligibility, Suitability, Ability and Uploads as your scorecard requires. The time needs for the applicant are short and below 40 Minutes. Within this time frame more than 175 criteria are collected and scored against your requirements. The results are made available cross language so there is need for interpretation.

The more relevant and scored criteria is considered, the better the predicitve validity of the assessment. Our Assessments cover more than 30 categories of relevant aspects that may cause severe problems if you suddenly discover, that there is something you haven’t seen. The effort to have all this checked before provides safety for both, the company AND the candidate. That’s why HARRISON ASSESSMENTS are rarely a problem for candidates, but maybe for those headhunters that did not find the ideals person yet. 

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If something appears where there is no solution available, learning and closing this gap is a natural reaction. People learn it and hours later its done.  Ditgitalization and the increasing spezialization force people to communicate and exchange their results much more than in times of self contained work. The need for Collaboration, Communication and Leadership Competencies is rising rapidly.  The need analysis for these skill and competency enhancements can be lean and comprehensive as well. 

Applicants that fit all needs are out! HRD needs to step in right after someone is hired. The higher the püosition the more difficult the placement and providing internal options for talents has a positive impact on motivation and retention anyway. Up-Skilling and Re-Skilling is a must and it can be done with Harrison in a very cost efficient and targeted way. 

Our Career and Succession JSF (Job Success FActors) provide an clear guidance for advancement and personal improvement. It can be seen as a FitGapAnalysis, what needs to be done for becoming better. Competencted by The Behavioral Competency Fit Analysis the individual plan is complete and ready for action. It is easy to read and it is crystal clear regarding the needs and the efforts to achieve.  READ MORE ABOUT HR DEVELOPMENT



Money isn’t everything. Sometimes payment incentives are even counterproductive.  There is so much more expectations that employees bring to the workplace, like finding purpose or social opportunities, finding or giving support… Learn to master and work with those 40 factors that are the main drivers for your team. True loyalty and engagement are not for sale – you have to earn it.  If you really enjoy what you are doing, it does not feel like WORK! 

Managing organizations requires managing people. People are gaining importance as there is not really an alternative any more. So respecting the needs and expections of the people is a given. What used to be complicated in the past is now effortless and only a mouseclick away using the Harrison Report Engagement and Motivation for teams and individuals. 

People are looking for stability and environments where they can develop and be safe. Employees tend to avoid situations where they are fear to be blamed and excluded. As a consequence, taking the risk of decision making in these circumstances cannot be expected. Change is only made by courage and feeling comfortable – so expecting employees to engage themselves needs managers who create this envoironment  Harrison Assessments tells you exactly how to create this workplace. 

Every Employee is looking for guidelines for keeping the right direction. Whats the goal, whats needs to be done next? How much …. ? Having this clarity available at any point of action is priceless and provides much more identification with the company and its purpose than any paycheck. Providing clarity is the most important thing managers can possible contribute. So when things are changing, the clarity of the purpose may be the only thing that guides operational decisions.  More?:  All provide metrics, we give you HR Analytics

Competencies are needed and belong to the Corporate Identity. They aim at compliance with the one corporate fingerprint that combines behaviors and values. Assessing them has always been a huge problem and they often were misused for judgement instead of giving coworkers hints where and how to improve.  
Now, with Harrison Assessments and our customization support this is left behind and you will be able to tun your Corporate Behavioral Competencies into unique assets for tool based Organizational Development. 

To be successful on the market, organizations need to provide a unique message that is created by all communication channels, the most sustainable one is EMPLOYEES and people. Creating healthy and successful organizations needs clear messages and matched behaviors. 



Constant Learning is a must, but it must be well balanced. Jobs become more specific and line managers cannot be left alone when it comes to developing the competencies within an organization. So there is a natural split for competency development which becomes a central responsibility and technical skills that will be developed by the units themselves.  Our TDNA Training Needs and Analysis Report give you the details. 

Training needs to be done when its needed. It is not really effective sending people off to to courses, so having small and dedicated learning items requires an precise needs analysis. That can be provided on demand for all employees. You avoid sending those who have it, and those who would never learn it.  Just the way it should be done. 

Corporate Training has to serve both – operational excellence tomorrow AND long term succession management and a successession pipeline for the next three to five years. Therefor the organization has constantly to be screened for needs and talents that show up. We are providing about 200 points of measurement for this purpose. We can help you with training partners as well.

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