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Assessments for Recruiting and Talent Management, Management Coaching

Our Mission: High Performance and Innovation in Times of Digital and Organizational Change

Better recruiting on skillful engagement management prepare and determine your future. It is our mission to get you there. We describe the way each of your employees should go enhancing your brand and economic success. We would help find  those future team members who are engaged in best to create better results. Employer branding and work satisfaction are the base individual and corporate success. everybody wants that but the way to reach it is difficult and hard. Having my Employee GFCI on your side gives you a better competitive position. If you feel, there is room to improve, please consider a Coaching and let’s discuss for a Free of charge hour. 

my-Employee HR Services Portfolio for SME

Job-Centric JobFit Assessments

With a predicitive Jobfit score, you will explore opportunities much deeper during the interviews with your most promising talents only. 

Recognize their strengths and you will earn approval, win the hearts and get them onboard. 

For your effective Talent Management you will obtain the most relevant requirement profiles and matching technology. Achieve excellent and long-term improvementsin managing talents. Of course, you can always customize and adapt Job Success Formulas.

career consulting


Unconditioned and open collaboration self critical attitudes and enhancement of team-work are not a given, however it is most important to have this in your teams.

 MORE WE LESS ME are targets for our coaching and workshops. We are working a lot with the concepts of Patrick Lencioni and Jim Tamm (Radical Collaboration)  

More collaboration, more interest based mutual respect and ideas to find a common approach for the whole team.


Managing Performance is essential. Good Talent Management is the way to get there. Our support and Coaching serves a maybe unexpected purpose:
To succeed as a team!

Agility is necessary to react fast enough, but it should be used for changing the destination.
Performance Management is a common responsibility for each team member. And so Performance Management is changing to an inner understanding.


Being open for change in the organization and technology means : being able to let go!

ANY Management means change. Employees want to see the goal, the purpose and their benefit to engage themselves and subscribe.

Change develops from the legacy Know What over Know How to Know Why.

This is transformational Leadership and the core of our change Management consulting practise.

Organizational Transparency & Clarity as a base for everthing

That’s how it should be: Employees, Business Partners and Customers have the same clear picture why you and your company or team exist. This is an intended product, not a randomly left to their perception. It’s a product of savvy leadership, good decisions and crystal clear communications. Sounds overly simple but rarely found in real life. It subject to competencies and skills that we can measure, predict and help to improve.

In the first place Leading means :  Providing clarity and confidence connecting the know how with a good know why instead of
managers trying to tell others about the know what only.

As-Is: Getting the
full picture

To see the situation as it is without intentions, politics and personal opinions is a first difficult step.

You need to be able to reflect on all aspects, not only those you see now. There are others – Your team will know it. 


Why are we here?   What makes us excellent? What exactly do we provide to clients? What makes us different from others? 

This needs to be obvious in all situations and it needs to be part of every singe decision. 


Any Organisation needs to be a learning organization. Everone has the responsibility to support a develop-ment, not only the management. 

To assume responsibility for decisions in a new situations requires courage,but also confidence / trust. 

What's next?
YOU decide?!

There are thousand of things that can be done, but your next step is the most important one. All Team members must be clear on it.

It’s important to have listened to all stakeholders but there can only be ONE decision.

Recruiting and Talent Assessments for Competencies and Engagement

Harrison Assessments provides a sound and valid base for decision in the full employee/Talent Management cycle after a 20 minute assessment. Applicant selection – Interviewing- selecting – in, Goal setting, Career path Development, Competency Development, Performance etc etc. fine decision support for all these areas. We have 37 languages in our questionnaires and about 25 for Reporting. It includes many reports for one assessments instrument, full functionality (including Applicant tracking), succession planning and cross culture Competency assessments in all industries.

JobFit Report


Jobfit Assessments for individuals and teams with reference to one or many Job requirement profiles. Many reports and interview guides reduce time and increase quality in the selection.
We reduce 80% of the workload to identify the best, and filter the rest.

Coaching Reports

HR Development
Succession Planning

You will obtain many modern collaborative competency models and more than 6500 different Job Succdess Formulas ready to run. Once fully assessed and reported, all further reports are FREE in all languages.
You can use this for any Fit-Gap Question that might occur in Recruiting or HRD.

Engagement Reports

Work Satisfaction, Loyalty, Engagement et. al.

If you do the things you enjoy doing you will be pretty successful and and does not seem to be WORK. What employees expect from their employer has many facets, but how much of this is known? It is important anyway and we provide the way to learn about it.

Paradox Reports

Behavior under Stress
Paradoxical Traits

Stress comes up when people get to their individual limit their natural behavior is not providing them with the results they would expect. Getting out of the comfort zone can be a painful experience for them, but also for others. Being aware means, being able to control this.

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