Leading people means:
Changing the Future

Organizational Clarity?
Not so simple to provide

Collaboration and co-creation?
without alternatives

leadership and guidelines?
desperately needed


Change Management deals with VUCA = Vision - Understanding - Clarity - Agility

Managing Change = Managing People = Organizational Development

The most successful competitor is faster and in recognizing opportunities and adapting to the needs of the new challenges. So far this has been the domain of humans using creativity and phantasy, combining resources in fundamentally new ways. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be trained and is excellent in applying knowledge and skills. It can work down certain routines and be creative within these limits, being faster and more precise performing certain tasks. Creativity and Innovation go beyond this and take shortcuts, use intuition and are it’s best when engaged and skillful people combine their thinking and are fearlessly and joyfully trying out new things.

That’s what Change Management is aiming at – Organizing for a better future  

of Digitization

The formerly so convenient cascading knowledge is turned upside down.  “The operational folks” know much more than those  “at the top” but still: No successful organization is lead buttom-up. The Big Picture is by definition at the top (but can still be wrong). To avoid the pitfalls of “the illusions of understanding” [D. Kahneman] requires a constant exchange and dialogue about the facts.

Normal operations should be executed without any interference of the management. Teams should be self sufficient up to the point that the way obstacles are removed indpendently.  Innovation and dealing with unkown problems need to be discussed and it is the team and the management that decide together what to do next. Leadership helps to stay focussed but would not necessarily take all these decisions. As Managers do not have all the facts, their main duty is to provide a safe environment. 

Our Leadership Assessments provide guidance and know how for the managers, how they can support their teams best. These Assessments help very much as you learn how to apply your strengths and avoid the weaknesses, knowing that your biggest strength can easily turn out to be a huge weakness as well. 

Our Reports show clearly how to learn to work in a team. The individual needs can be quite distinct and different, nevertheless a close collaboration is possible. Whether it is pride, power, influence, asserting oneself, the need of being right – these are ways that lead to recognition. We have re-skilling programs for the change of work culture to “TEAM”. 

People react with reservations when they fear to be left behind or being outsmarted. Defensive reactions withhold contribution and engagement. We will show you and the team how to escape from these patterns with Our Team enabling Programs based on Lencioni (5 dysfunctions of a team) and Radical Collaboration Competencies.   



The job is an activity that may remain stable for only 6-12 months. But what comes next? Today good candidates are not responding to jobs, but to career opportunities. But there is more to it than just a full-bodied promise of a promotion. 

Take a different approach, change the perspective from “What job do we offer” to “What attracts and retains talents?”. Skip the money, its just a compensation for other things. Take a holistic approach including everything including team, environment, health, security … Play the dynamics!

Today nothing can be kept as a secret. Ethical behaviors are mandatory and the impression you give in one interview may influence the next one next day. Authenticity and clarity is important. Seeing every interview as an Selecting-In Interview should be a good start. We will train you line managers to interview applicants in a way that makes them want to join you.  They will tell others and spread the word. Using the power of the Kununu and Glassdoor in a positive way. 

It is well possible to scale performance even if you have nothing to compare with. Where are we, what to improve? – Not setting the goals sky-high so nobody could ever reach them – thats a dangerous approach in a digital world. Talk to us about setting goals for employees and teams. 

Innovation and creativity are often used as targets, but nobody really wants to deal with disruptive developments. So to  contain these parameters so that they “fit”? How can healthy development be separated from a bad development if you do not know the end result? Here we are at the forefront and help with the sorting criteria and work.

There is no greater feeling of success than sharing the feeling of having something achieved together. Teams with success stories and war stories are almost invincible. Frustration and lack of success are bad for the performance outlook. So how do you build up desire for performance? With us! Send your inquiry now! 



Companies need versatile employees with many competencies and abilities. A company would not automatically know if someone amoing the employees has it.- While this seems to be accessible regarding technical skills, what about missing soft skills?  We will find those gems for you. 

Excellence can be found in the development of skills amd competencies. We would reach greater effects with precisely tailored formats and small learning units. Knowing what’s needed in three weeks is the foundation of microlearning and the efficiency of offering it. How do you get that basis? With us!

Readiness to learn more and prepare for the needs of tomorrow is something that can be found in any person but sometimes the intrinsic motivation needs to be unveiled. Changing the point of view from Company versus employee towards team and member of the team may sound marginal, but it can involve completely different people with different access to the matter. We would know who should be involved and how to activate others. Ask us.