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Managing Talents Globally: my-Employee GFCI HR Strategy Consulting, Mannheim

my-Employee GFCI GmbH was created in 2001 because the last remaining differntiator for competition was identified as the engaged employee. Rows of surveys like the Gallup Engagement Index show, how important this becomes. It people and ideas that create Corporate Identity, they do not fill it. Collaboration in Teams pursuing a common interest makes companies. Companies that loose this common purpose die away. Artificial intelligence and computers can create a $ value, but not an identity.  They should be seen as tools serving humanity. People and their collaborative intent are in the center of our interest and work. We understand technology and HR-IS and big data, but we look at the human side of this. 

Technology is simple, people are complex and demanding. Projects do not fail because of bad ideas or technology, they fail because of lacking realisation. Errors can almost always be attributed to human error. Not seen, not regarded as important – many excuses. Never really intentional, but still avoidable origins. We want more employees to work in jobs for which they are very well suited thus make less mistakes.

Our foundation dates back to 1997, when it all started with ERP projects that so often failed. Our approach to involve and listen to employees was right and led to some great reference projects and an industry template in the SAP environment. We stayed with people and worked on how to distinguish project managers from project mutilators. The mutilators were clearly preferred. In 2003 we found Harrison Assessments in Australia and brought it to Europe. The rest of the story ends with your visit here  … to this page. What’s next on your agenda?

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Felix E. Wiesner

Felix Wiesner, Managing Partner

Consulting Area: 
Harrison Assessments, Talent Management Consulting, Saville Consulting Debriefs, Deep Dive Interviews, Management-Assessments, Suitability Assessments, Competency Models, HR Transformation, Digitalization and Process Design, Organization Development, Coaching, Requirements, Radical Collaboration Training, GDPR

Involved in HR since 1990 HR CM Projects since 1996
Additional Qualifications: ERP Systems, System integrationen, Change Management, BPR / Turn- Around Management, Digitalisierungs-Coach, Interim Management

Langages: German, English
Location: Mannheim, Germany 

Antonia Wettstein, Consulting Partner

Harrison Assessments, Saville Consulting, Deep Dive Interviewing, Facilitation Training, Employment Assessments, Debriefings, Management- Assessments, French x  German HR Issues, High Potentials, Coaching, GDPR, Universities

Additional Qualifications: Lawyer

Languages: French, German, English
Locations: Mannheim, Besancon, Paris

Antonia Wettstein

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